Improving sales performance

Less with moreWorking with CEOs and Sales VPs, I coach B2B sales leaders who want to improve their performance now, not eventually.

On the job I help them better manage their pipelines and get best sales practices adopted. This enables them to increase sales volume by at least 10% within 24 months, as well as attract good sales people, who stay longer, performing at higher levels.

Perhaps you would like to know if you are getting the most out of your sales effort?
I can help you do a sales performance healthcheck.

Start by rating yourself using these 10 questions.

Why the name?

Why Le Black Box?

  • because of what my clients can tell you about working with me.
  • because of my passion for understanding my clients' customers.
  • because of my profound respect for your best sales people.

How do we get going?

Each of the 5 steps can be a show-stopper, for either of us:

  1. 1. You browse this website and my LinkedIn profile.
  2. 2. We have a 30 min phone conversation. You share with me your concern.
  3. 3. We meet for 60 min to decide whether we want to move forward.
  4. 4. You talk to 1 or 2 of my references.
  5. 5. We agree on a first step.

Opening the sales black box is not easy work. In return it is the key to significant sales performance improvement and lasting shareholder value.

Now, does your sales challenge sound something like this?